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Community Center - "Hall"

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This special event area is available for private use of village residents and non residents for activities which the District considers appropriate for the facility. Tables and chairs are provided to accommodate up to 75 people. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED ON PARK PROPERTY. We will not approve applications for wedding receptions, political activities, gambling, and profit making demonstrations, activities which would lead to inconsideration of neighboring residents and activities which could extend the physical capabilities of the facility and provide unacceptable potential for facility abuse or damage. Use of the Hall does not extend to special privileges for use of the playground, baseball field or any other Park District facility. We will not book two activities for the same weekend and all activities are expected to end by 9:00 p.m. Park District programs and activities always have priority over private use of the Hall. Applications are available on line and at the Phil Svetich Administration Building Office. All applications must be returned to the office before being considered for approval. You may call for date availability but we will not book a date until the application is returned. 

User fees for the Community Center, “Hall” is as follows: Village Resident $0.00 (acceptable application required) Non Resident $200.00 per hour + $250.00 security deposit (acceptable application required)

McCook Pathway

Located on Commonwealth Edison property between Route 171 and Grand Avenue, the l/2 mile paved path is provided for your walking, running, rollerblading or bicycling interests. The pathway system consists of two separate % mile loops that can be used independently or as one continuous loop by crossing Riverside Avenue. Positioned along the path are three exercise stations that provide a total of nine different exercises that can be done by participants based on their levels of physical fitness. Directions for use are present at each station. Located within the east side pathway loop are two bocce ball courts and a horseshoe pit open to the public on a first come first served basis. Residents may "check out" bocce ball sets and horseshoes at the Park District during regular business hours. Dog walking is permitted, provided that they are cleaned up after. Pet waste stations are located along the path for your convenience. The pathway improvements were funded by a Lyons Township bond issue for recreational purposes. The McCook Park District currently leases the property from Commonwealth Edison and is responsible for maintaining the facility. On May 9, 2012 the pathway was dedicated to Commissioner Frank Pilch in honor of his twenty years of service by the Board of Commissioners. For additional information please call the Park District at 708-447-7048. 


CONDITIONS OF USE • All persons choosing to use this pathway assume full responsibility for injuries which may occur while on these premises. • Snow, ice and water on the surface of the pathway will provide unstable footing. Extra precaution should be considered during such conditions. • Using the pathway in dark or poorly lighted conditions will be hazardous. • Always remain on the surface of the pathway. Surface conditions adjacent to the pathway may pose risk of injury. • Walkers/runners always have the right-of-way. • Bicyclists/bladders must use alternate paths when approaching runners and walkers. • Be courteous of other users, warn others before passing. • Motorized vehicles are prohibited from use on any portion of the pathway. • Please report any physical problems with the facility to the McCook Park District. 


WARNING: The pathway design includes areas that are near Commonwealth Edison towers and utility poles which support high voltage electrical lines which should be considered potentially deadly. Never approach a fallen or sagging wire and report such conditions immediately to the Police Department. Utility poles and tower structures can be sources of serious injury to those who leave the pathway and make contact with these objects.


Ken Plesha Baseball Field


The Ken Plesha Baseball Field is an official 90’ base, 60’ mound field intended for hard ball play only. Permits are required for use. 

Fitness Center


The fitness center has 3 separate areas: cardio, free weights and new BodyCraft weight machines. Mats, jump ropes and step aerobics equipment round out the features of this space.


Additional Fitness Center Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 9:30 am

Gymnasium and Game Room

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The gymnasium is available when there are no other organized programs using this space. The basketball court is regulation size. 

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The game room contains darts, a Foosball table, an air hockey table, a pool table and a WII console for the enjoyment of all residents. 


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The outdoor playground is designed for play for children birth to 12 years of age. The playground has a sand feature, a rock climbing wall and a pavilion with picnic tables. 

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