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On March 31,1950 the McCook-Hodgkins Park District was established to serve the recreational needs of residents from two communities together as one. The Village of McCook and the Village of Hodgkins proudly served its residents as a single park district entity for 35 years. In 1985 a petition to reorganize the McCook-Hodgkins Park District was authorized by Public Act 83-1346. The reorganization allowed the old McCook Hodgkins Park District to be divided into two new park districts, one which comprised the entire Village of Hodgkins and one which comprised the entire Village of McCook.
The McCook Park District was organized on March 1, 1985.Overseen by five elected officials the district owns approximately three acres of property, on which stand a community center, gymnasium, administrative building, playground, and baseball field. Through the programs and facilities the McCook Park District aspires to provide quality parks and recreation experiences for the residents of McCook.

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Regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. The meetings are held on the second floor of the Phil Svetich Administrative Building located at 4911 Riverside Avenue, McCook, Illinois. The public is welcome to attend.

Illinois PA 97-0609 Compensation disclosure statements are available at the Administrative office at 4911 Riverside Ave. McCook, IL. 60525 during regular business hours.